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In our experience at PS360, property buyers find it difficult to find trusted and highly rated solicitors.

We know it's tough to find serious buyers. That's why we exclusively connect you with buyers in the market who have a high conversion rate as soon as they are ready to make an offer.

Our service is tailored to support solicitors and conveyancers in connecting with prospective home buyers. In our research, we've discovered that many new home buyers often lack a trusted solicitor to guide them through the intricate home buying process. Our mission is to bridge this gap by seamlessly connecting these buyers with top-tier solicitors who are not only highly skilled but also responsive. We aim to empower both solicitors and home buyers, facilitating a smoother and more confident home buying journey.


At our core, we're dedicated to simplifying the home buying process, ensuring that new home buyers have access to expert legal guidance right from the start. By linking buyers with high-quality solicitors, we contribute to their overall satisfaction and peace of mind throughout this significant life event. Our platform is the missing link that makes the home buying experience efficient, transparent, and secure for all parties involved.

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