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Our goal is to help you to sell your property as quickly as possible by preparing all the required due diligence in advance of the first open home.

For the majority of property sellers, the most important goal is not only to fetch the highest possible price but also to sell as quickly as possible.

At PropScan360, we're not just focused on helping home buyers; we're also here to assist property sellers in making the selling process as swift and stress-free as possible. We understand that selling real estate is a significant decision and can often be a time-consuming event. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to streamlining the entire process. Our aim is to minimise the time it takes for your property to go from listing to contract exchange. By doing so, we ensure that you can embark on your next chapter, whether it's purchasing a new property or pursuing any other life goal, without unnecessary delays.

Selling a property is about more than just posting a listing and waiting for offers. It's about preparing all the necessary due diligence in advance of the first open home to attract serious buyers. We've fine-tuned and optimised the traditionally inefficient processes to make this happen. With our support, you can present a well-prepared property to potential buyers. This eliminates delays caused by incomplete paperwork and empowers prospective buyers to make offers with confidence.


We recognise that many prospective buyers may not be fully familiar with the home buying process. They might adore your property but be unable to make an offer due to incomplete due diligence. PropScan360 takes care of that by ensuring that all the necessary due diligence is done for your property in advance. This way, when a prospective buyer falls in love with your property during the first open home, they have the freedom to make an offer right there and then, reducing the time and effort required to complete the sale. We're here to make selling your property an efficient and hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

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