At PropScan360, our mission to simplify property buying is deeply personal. When the two of us, founders of this company, began discussing our own experiences, those of our friends, and our families' experiences with property buying, we realised the common pain points and stresses that exist in the intricacies of the home buying process, especially when it comes to due diligence and reviewing the sales contract. We didn't know where to find solicitors, let alone when and how to involve them. It was only later that we discovered the critical importance of having a solicitor review the sales contract before making an offer. In fact, the contract of sale is one of the most crucial aspects of due diligence when buying a property.

What's more, we soon realised that we weren't alone in this experience. Many first-time home buyers, international buyers, and anyone eager to purchase a high-demand property face the same challenges. The need to act quickly in such a competitive market makes access to a good and responsive solicitor extremely important to reduce the stress and cost associated with property buying.

This shared personal experience drives us at PropScan360, where we are dedicated to our vision of "making property buying easy." We understand that the process of purchasing property can be both time-consuming and stress-inducing. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make offers with confidence, aligned with our vision. We aim to reduce the cost and time investment while minimising the stress associated with property buying.

PropScan360 is committed to enhancing the customer experience and bringing transparency to the real estate industry. We recognise that many individuals, like us, invest significant amounts of money and effort into due diligence for multiple properties, often without successfully securing a home.

Our platform streamlines this process, seamlessly connecting property enthusiasts, including buyers, sellers, agents, and conveyancers, with trusted due diligence services. We're here to make property buying a more accessible and efficient endeavour across Australia, ensuring you have the right support at every step of the journey.