Frequently Asked Questions

PropScan360 is not a licensed conveyancer or solicitor. We are an online platform that provides pre-reviewed sales contracts and connects prospective buyers with licensed solicitors and conveyancers who can provide personalised legal advice and full end to end conveyancing services. Our role is to facilitate this connection and provide information about the services offered by Third Party Service Providers. All services provided directly to clients are the responsibility of the licensed solicitors and conveyancers engaged by the client. PropScan360 is not responsible for any legal advice or services provided by these Third Party Service Providers. We recommend that all users seek independent legal advice before entering into any property transaction.

PropScan360 provides an initial high-level contract review at a fee of $150. The second charge is exclusive to the successful buyer. Subsequently, prospective buyers will directly pay a separate fee for conveyancing work to the solicitor, whether it is the same conveyancer who conducted the contract of sale review or their preferred solicitor. Charges for these services vary based on the complexity of the contract, and we have negotiated a deal on your behalf.

Solicitors possess the legal expertise necessary to dive deeply into the intricacies of a sales contract. They can identify potential legal risks and implications that may not be apparent during the initial high-level review. Engaging a solicitor adds an extra layer of protection and ensures that you fully understand your contractual obligations and rights, providing you with confidence in your property transaction.

While our initial high-level review is valuable for spotting immediate concerns, we highly recommend interested parties to commission a more comprehensive review of the contract with a qualified solicitor. Property transactions often involve legal complexities, and a thorough review by a solicitor ensures that all legal aspects are thoroughly examined, protecting your interests in a more comprehensive manner. Additionally, prospective buyers can choose to engage either the solicitor who has already provided the contract review via PropScan360 or their own solicitor before making an offer or bid. This proactive step allows for a more in-depth understanding of the legal nuances associated with the property, providing solid and personalised advice for informed decision-making in the negotiation process.

The initial high-level review of the sales contract serves as a crucial first step in your property buying journey. It's designed to quickly identify any immediate red flags that you should be aware of before placing a bid on a property. This review helps you gain a preliminary understanding of the contract's terms and conditions to make an informed decision.

At PropScan360, we offer various pricing models for sharing the cost of our sales contract reviews. In some of these models, the successful buyer may be subject to a secondary charge if they or someone who purchased the report on their behalf secures the property. In such cases, this secondary charge is applied to cover the balance payment, and the report is then transferred into the buyer's name for insurance purposes. For these specific models, if you don't secure the property, you will only be responsible for a fraction of the initial report cost. However, if you successfully purchase the property, congratulations! The report will be transferred into your name for future reference and insurance purposes.

It's not uncommon for property sales contracts to contain various issues and clauses that require careful consideration. Reports provided by ProScan360 can serve as your guide in identifying and understanding these contract-related concerns before finalizing any property purchase. Many potential property buyers choose to consult real estate experts or legal advisors for an assessment of potential pitfalls and legal consequences within the contract. They factor in these considerations when making decisions about the property purchase. If you are comfortable with the issues identified in the report, you can proceed with confidence in your contractual commitments. In the event that you've already entered into a property sales contract and subsequently discover an issue that should have been addressed during the negotiation and review phase, it may be necessary to explore legal remedies or engage in dispute resolution methods specific to property sales contracts.

Our contract review team operates independently from any vested interests, maintaining a clear separation from the involved parties such as the seller, real estate agent, or even ourselves. At PropScan360, we connect you with highly qualified solicitors and conveyancers in your region. The strength of our approach lies in two key aspects: (1) we are committed to cost-effectiveness, ensuring that our services remain affordable for you, and (2) we maintain a pool of top-notch conveyancers and solicitors who each carry their own professional liability insurance, offering you an additional layer of assurance.