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At PropScan360 we help you to be prepared enough to be successful as quickly as possible.

We're here to facilitate the best sales outcomes and streamline your sales campaigns, recognising your desire to expedite the property sales process and reducing the need for numerous open homes, while securing the best price for your vendors.

In today's fast-paced world, transparency and efficiency are no longer just buzzwords; they're consumer expectations. When it comes to purchasing property, this demand for transparency and efficiency is no different. We recognize that having due diligence upfront can streamline the transaction process, making it easier for both buyers and sellers. That's why we've designed a service tailored to the needs of real estate agents, helping them meet these growing consumer demands.


As a real estate agent, you're often at the centre of multiple moving parts, juggling the needs and concerns of buyers, sellers, building inspectors, solicitors, and more. Our platform empowers real estate agents by providing them with the tools and resources needed to proactively prepare the due diligence required for potential buyers. By doing so, we aim to help real estate agents sell properties more quickly and reduce the effort required in the selling process. We're here to support real estate agents in delivering a seamless and efficient property transaction experience.

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